Mid-Year Conferences
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Conferences & Events

  • WCA Week attracts 3,000 members to one location
  • The volume of business conducted exceeds 100 million dollars
  • Over 100,000 individual face-to-face meetings conducted at a single event
  • One-on-One Scheduler ensures you meet the right people for maximum results
  • Social networking events are free for all delegates
  • Each conference offers its own unique benefits and opportunities

There is no other event in logistics that can match the new business generated at WCA conferences. The annual conference for each WCA network is unrivalled in terms of participation, number of business meetings held, new business generated and formation of long-lasting relationships.

Attending a WCA conference is undoubtedly the single most productive way to boost your revenues, expand your company, reach out to new markets and raise your company’s profile around the globe.

WCA conferences range from large open events attracting 3,000 freight forwarder delegates in one location, dedicated region-specific meetings and also service-specific conferences to cater for each of WCA’s specialty networks. Every conference offers its own unique benefits and business opportunities that only face-to-face meetings can achieve.

Whether building on existing relationships or meeting and creating new partners, WCA conferences offer a golden opportunity to each and every member.

Not only do delegates create tens of millions of dollars in combined new business, but also attending the conference saves weeks of travel time and thousands of dollars in travel expenses by allowing each member to conduct up to 40 pre-arranged meetings with fellow agents from around the world. You can conduct more business in a single day at a WCA Conference than can be achieved in a month of business travel.

Thanks to WCA’s unique One-on-One Scheduler, all of your meetings can be arranged weeks or even months in advance allowing you to select the regions and partners you are interested in meeting and be armed with all the necessary information to make the meeting efficient and fruitful.

With attendance at the conferences growing by over 20 per cent year-on-year it is clear the value each member gets from participating far exceeds even the highest expectations.