Up to US$3,000,000
annual protection
for the group

US$100,000 same-network and
US$50,000 cross-network coverage
for each claim

Free benefit as part of
your membership

WCAworld members enjoy the luxury of conducting business with any other member company with complete confidence, security, and peace of mind - thanks to WCAworld's Gold Medallion Financial Protection Plan.

A central pillar of WCAworld's comprehensive range of member benefits, no other network can match the range and depth of coverage offered by the Gold Medallion Plan.

WCAworld prides itself on inviting only elite, highly qualified, and proven independent freight forwarders to join the network. Each new member undergoes complete background and financial checks before they become enrolled as a WCAworld member company. Our confidence in the membership has allowed us to guarantee transactions between enrolled member offices in case of non-payment.

How it works

  • WCAworld’s Gold Medallion Plan offers a cast-iron guarantee that each company enrolled within the same WCA network is covered for claims up to US$100,000.
  • Business conducted between members of different WCA networks is guaranteed coverage for claims up to US$50,000.
  • Companies conducting business with members of WCAworld across networks (WCA, Lognet, GAA, EGLN, IFC8) are covered up to US$50,000.

Thanks to WCAworld’s financial stability, we provide a combined total of US$3,000,000 per annum protection for the membership. Many other networks claim to offer similar or equivalent programs, but under closer inspection, none can match the level of protection, the breadth of coverage, or the proven financial stability offered by WCAworld.

The Gold Medallion Plan provides the tool that allows our members to do business without hesitation, making them more efficient and effective and preventing wasted time and expense on background or credit checks. As a result, our members can sleep easily at night without worrying about their partners' integrity or financial stability.

How are claims processed?

On the rare occasion that a claim is made, each case is dealt with in an efficient and timely manner by our experienced and dedicated Gold Medallion staff. If your claim is legitimate and falls within the rules of the program, WCAworld will promptly recompense your company with no penalty or extra fees.

For more information on the Gold Medallion Financial Protection Plan, 
please email

All claims are subject to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE GOLD MEDALLION FINANCIAL PROTECTION PLAN, available in the members-only section.

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