countries coverage
member offices
cities and ports

Combined revenues and
growth eclipse even
the largest multinationals

Dedicated staff
to ensure you find the
right partners

As the world’s largest and most powerful network of freight forwarders, WCAworld offers each member unprecedented access to high-quality freight forwarding partners in every corner of the globe. No other organization comes close to matching the logistics power and new business opportunities available to our members.

With member offices in cities and ports spanning countries, WCAworld can offer each member unrivaled opportunities to find new partners, attract new business and, most importantly, drive increased profits. As a result, millions of dollars of new business is conducted weekly between members - which is why WCAworld is the fastest growing and most successful logistics network globally.

Every WCAworld member is carefully screened before acceptance into WCA, ensuring that only the best companies offering the highest standards of service are admitted. You can be sure that by working with a WCAworld company, you are working with the best in the business.

Our vastly experienced WCAworld staff work tirelessly to identify the right partners for our members and assist them in forming long-standing and hugely profitable relationships worldwide

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