Overnight letter
from NY to
Los Angeles - US$22

3-day shipping on 10lb
package, USA to
China - US$107

imports into

AS a unique and highly valued benefit for our members, WCAworld and UPS have teamed up to provide a program offering deeply discounted courier rates across all destinations.

The program offers substantial discounts of up to 60% reductions on standard retail prices and has allowed significant cost-savings and improved margins for the many WCAworld companies that have adopted the program.

All members who wants to deliver a parcel to and from USA can take advantage of this attractive program. There is no fee for this exclusive benefit and can extend the rates to your customers for better service. It can be used for domestic, international, and import packages up to 150 pounds in weight across a variety of service levels.

For more information, please contact: WCAworld Regional Manager - North America, Matthew West at

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