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WCA’s General Networks

WCA comprises four distinctive and individual general networks; each with its own dedicated membership and focus.

Each of these networks individually eclipse many of the world’s multinational freight forwarders in both volumes and revenues.

Combined, these four networks with 7166 member offices around the world form the most powerful logistics organisation in the world.
Every member company of each of the networks has successfully passed the rigorous and scrupulous vetting/qualification procedure that ensures WCA that members are the most professional and respected companies in the industry.
WCA First (formerly World Cargo Alliance) was the world’s first non-exclusive logistics network and rapidly rose to become the most powerful and most recognised single network of independent logistics operators in the industry. With 1522 member offices in 171 countries, WCA First comprises only the very finest independent freight forwarding companies in every region of the world.
WCA Advanced Professionals (formerly APLN) has an impressive geographical spread of 912 members in 127 ports and cities around the globe. Characterised by innovative and forward-looking companies, WCA Advanced Professionals is a more intimate network with restricted membership per market while maintaining full access to the entire range of WCA benefits.
WCA China Global (formerly CGLN) is a worldwide network focused on the Chinese market. It is the only network in the world that has official recognition from the Chinese International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFA) operating under the Ministry of Commerce. Over 792 member offices testify to the strength of the independent forwarder in the world’s most dynamic marketplace.
WCA Inter Global (formerly IGLN) is the world’s largest single network, with 4297 member offices around the world. Formed specifically to help develop trade and partnerships to and from the emerging economies of the world, this vibrant network enjoys the best of both worlds, with full WCA benefits combined with hundreds of professional independent forwarders in the world’s most exciting markets.