WCA First is a closed group, primarily composed of WCAworld’s founding members. Launched in 1998 as World Cargo Alliance, WCA First was the world’s first non-exclusive logistics network. It rapidly rose to become the most powerful and recognized single network of independent logistics operators in the freight-forwarding industry.

With 1,506 member offices in 169 countries, WCA First includes only the finest independent freight-forwarding companies in every region of the world.

Advanced Professionals is ideally suited for companies looking for a more private network with a restricted membership in each market.

Characterized by innovative companies, WCA Advanced Professionals provides its members full access to the entire range of WCAworld benefits while working with like-minded companies in the world’s fastest-growing and influential markets.

With 1,005 member offices in 134 countries, the network has proven extremely popular, thanks to the sheer volume of reciprocal business generated among members and the rapid expansion of trade lanes within the group.

WCA China Global is a worldwide network focused on the Chinese market. It is the only network in the world to be recognized as the official network of the China International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFA), operating under the Ministry of Commerce.

Hundreds of member companies from around the world have formed long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with forwarders across the length and breadth of China.

The network includes 2,282 member offices in 137 countries.

With 5,207 member offices in 163 countries, WCA Inter Global is the world’s largest general cargo network. Explicitly formed to help develop trade and partnerships to and from emerging global economies, this vibrant network enjoys the best of both worlds.

WCA Inter Global has grown faster than any other global network - a testament to the proven and unprecedented business opportunities that characterize this unique group.

If you are an established company looking to expand your partnerships and reach the world’s most dynamic marketplaces, WCA Inter Global is the ideal network to help you achieve your goals.

Lognet Global

Lognet Global is a semi-exclusive group of independent freight-forwarding professionals working to increase business and promote services among small to medium-size freight forwarders. Lognet remains a smaller network by carefully selecting members based on quality and commitment to the group. As a result, Lognet grows at a slow but steady pace and focuses on growth in areas where its presence is needed most.

Lognet Global is not “just another network." Every member of Lognet contributes to the organization, increasing business opportunities and promoting logistics services. This tight-knit group aims to provide comprehensive, competitive solutions to all major global markets.

Global Affinity Alliance

Global Affinity Alliance (GAA) is a network for logistics companies looking to collaborate closely and increase business opportunities. Our ideal members are newly incorporated companies and start-ups with experienced, veteran leadership.
Our membership comprises a vibrant grouping of young professionals who demonstrate and contribute knowledge about the regulations, conditions, and opportunities in their local markets.

GAA members, who exhibit an adamant passion for business growth, benefit from the cross-network affiliations with Lognet Global, EGLN, and WCAworld. In addition, these partnerships significantly increase our members’ financial protection and buying power.

ELITE Global Logistics Network

ELITE Global Logistics Network (EGLN) is a WCAworld network serving only "Best in Class" forwarders and representing a group of logistics professionals who control a significant portion of the international revenue stream.

The group's broad, global membership base consists of only the top companies in the industry. As part of one of the industry's most respected freight-forwarding and logistics networks, EGLN members share a commitment to providing high-quality services. Members are allowed to join this six-star network by invitation only.

InFinite Connection (IFC8)

InFinite Connection (IFC8) is a rapidly developing logistics network, with cost-effectiveness and selective development at its core. A strict admission screening procedure ensures a safe environment to discover reciprocal opportunities and establish long-term partnerships between members

IFC8 aims to provide excellence for its members by using its staff’s expertise and unique understanding of logistics networking. The popular annual conference brings together all members and provides a perfect platform for discussion, partnering, and new business.

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