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Strategic Partner

Partnerships, JVs and M&A

From time to time WCA is approached by members requesting assistance in locating partners, finding JV companies or with enquiries about mergers and acquisitions. WCA can act as a “match-maker” in these situations introducing two or more parties who may be interested in such cooperation. Whilst we will help wherever possible WCA will not take any part in the discussions nor have any further involvement following the introduction; nor do we charge any fee for this service. Please email mmcmullen@wcaworld.com for further help or assistance.

WCA, Ltd., its employees, subsidiaries, and affiliated companies may introduce companies or persons who wish to explore the possibility of forming a partnership, joint venture, merger, acquisition or raise capital in some manner.  WCA, Ltd., its employees, subsidiaries, and affiliated companies are NOT registered as "broker - dealers" within the meaning of any countries securities laws and regulations, NOR do we act in any such capacity.  We will NOT participate in negotiations, valuations, or render ANY advice/opinion whatsoever on the viability of any company or person who seeks an introduction.  WCA, Ltd., its employees, subsidiaries, and affiliated companies will NEITHER seek NOR receive ANY remuneration of any kind whatsoever for introducing parties who may wish to explore those possibilities.  Our services are strictly limited to providing an introduction between those parties that contact us seeking such an introduction.