EU lawmakers call for 2% green marine fuel mandate by 2030

20 Oct, 2022

Europe’s lawmakers adopted on Wednesday their position on draft EU rules on the use of renewable and low-carbon fuels in maritime transport (FuelEU Maritime) with a 2% mandate by 2030.

The European Parliament is pressing the maritime sector to cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from ships by 2% as of 2025, 20% as of 2035 and 80% as of 2050 compared to 2020 level. The European Commission had proposed cuts of 13% by 2035 and 75% by 2050.

This would apply to ships above 5,000 gross tonnage, to all energy used on board in or between EU ports, and to 50% of energy used on voyages where the departure or arrival port is outside of the EU or in its outermost regions.

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